Friday, December 9, 2011

Countdown - 200K tomorrow.

Tomorrow I do my first 200K, my first brevet (sounds like brevay) as a Randonneur, well, even though I am registered as a member of RUSA (Randonneurs USA), it will become official tomorrow! It's exciting and slightly nerve racking. I believe that I am physically and mentally prepared and am sure that in 24 hours I will have an answer.

I have spent the last weeks trying to amass what I feel might be necessary for this ride. I have a tendency of over supplying myself for things like this, so it's likely that I will have more than necessary, and be carrying more weight than I need to which will make things more difficult, but live and learn!

I will be taking my ContourRoam camera, which I have set to take a still shot every 30 seconds of the ride. Which means, on average, if we can do our moving part of the ride averaging 13mph, will be a picture every 572 feet. (about every 200 yards). So - 1200 photo's!

My Garmin Edge750 GPS is set up with the route in it. I have my cue cards laminated. The bike is all set up with Bar Mitts, insulated water bottles, lights, pump, saddle bag, fenders.. I will be wearing my backpack full of stuff like extra gloves, maybe jacket and wind pants, water, and more! Wearing my Rogue winter cycling jacket and a balaclava, along with shoe covers, gloves, cycling tights, etc.

Weather is expected to start the day at 6:30AM at about 24-25 degrees. A bit nippy, but up from the predicted 20 degrees from earlier this week! Supposed to top out around 31 for the route we have chosen with slight chance of snow flurries. Wind is supposed to be in the 10-20mph range from the West, hopefully less. The route is a 127 mile loop, from Painted Post, NY through Avoca, Naples, Canandaigua, Penn Yan, and back to Painted Post. Riding along Canandaigua Lake, Above Keuka to the East, along the West side of Waneta and Lamoka, and back. RidewithGPS states 6600 feet of climbing. Should be a beautiful ride.

My major concerns right now are my hands and feet staying warm. They always get cold, and this ride will be chilly. I have ridden colder, but only for a couple of hours, not my own predicted 10+!

Well, 3 of us depart tomorrow, 2 of us on our first brevet of many I hope, the other is the route owner, Bill Fischer, a guy who is a seasoned veteran of this ride, and many more including an event that is done every 4 years (including 2011), called Paris Brest Paris, which is an out and back 1200K (744mile) ride! I don't remember what he told me it took him, 70 something hours maybe??

Anyways - here goes nothing!

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