Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Old Skool Fuji!

SO !

I got a new bike ! Well, I got an old bike, but it's in awesome shape, and it's going to be a blast to ride.

It's a 1984 Fuji Del Ray.   Middle of the Fuji line at the time, but considered something along the sport / touring line. Its going to be perfect for my Rando rides. Plus - I am thinking I may even ride it in this Triathlon I am doing this fall - the Willow Creek Triathlon. I am considering going all out old skool. Cutoffs, old skool chucks or puma's, mesh shirt, headband and wrist band, aviators....   Just go have a fun time!

It's actually a sweet bike, and in great shape!  I have my great friend Paul from the local bike shop I spend my money at to thank for keeping his eyes open and finding this gem for me. It's got a Zefal pump, Velcro water bottles, Rhode Gear Flickstand, downtube shifters, lugged steel frame, pedals with cages, fat foamy handlebar wrap (I guess you could call it wrap), leather saddle, it's just sweet.!

Anyways, so far I have replaced the tires, repacked the hub bearings in the wheels, and replaced the brakes.  I am getting ready to take my inaugural ride!  Hopefully this weekend!


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